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I was born in Cali, Colombia, surrounded by trees, mountains, rivers and wonderful animals and people. I now live in the beautiful and magical Etruscan city of Volterra (Pisa) in Toscana, Italia.

I am surrounded by trees, valeys, birds, and wonderful people again. I am a US citizen, grateful for the home, family, and friends it has given me for many years. I am married to the most incredible woman on the planet.

Thank you for visiting SoundArt. I hope you have fun. Support education and art around the world. Give to children the opportunity of studying and making art; educate and protect them, they are the future. Please respect and protect Nature

Edgard F. Abadía   



"Works of art are always the product of a dangerous situation, an experience taken to the limits, to the point  where one can no longer go any further" - Rainier Maria Rilke (1875 – 1926)                           


“Nature is not on the surface: it is in the depths. Colors are the expression of the depth. They grow from the roots of the world. They are its life, the life of ideas”- Paul Cezanne explaining his artistic response to nature (1839-1906)


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